Course introduction

Course sumary

The course is in two parts. Part 1 introduces mathematical techniques which are used in finance, economics and management. Applications of several techniques, such as linear programming problems and VaR, will be provided. Part 2 is an introduction of basic ideas concerning statistics. We study probability distributions, hypotheses testing, and regression analysis. Working problems is very important when we learn statistics. Therefore, students will practice the assigned exercises in the class.

Class type


Course Description and Progress Outline

Professor Wen-Kai Wang (12 weeks):
1. Linear Equations and the Method of Least Squares
2. Calculus Review
3. Optimisation Problems
4. Probability Theory
5. Value at Risk
6. Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Professor Wan-Ru Yang (6 weeks):
Date Topics
5/18 Sampling distribution
5/25 Estimation and confidence interval
6/1 Testing hypothesis for a single sample
6/8 Correlation and regression
6/15 Correlation and regression
6/22 Final exam

References/ Textbook/ Documents

Professor Wen-Kai Wang (12 weeks):
Lecture notes will be offerred.

Professor Wan-Ru Yang (6 weeks):
Essential Statistics (lecture note) by S. Rao Jammalamadaka, University of California, Santa Barbara

Evaluation (Criteria and Ratio)

Professor Wen-Kai Wang (12 weeks):
1. Midterm Exam (30%)
2. Project (25%)
3. Quizzes (15%)

Professor Wan-Ru Yang (6 weeks):
Final Exam: 30%.
The final exam is a closed book test. The students are not allowed to make up the missed final exams.

Office Hours

Professor Wen-Kai Wang (12 weeks):
Please email the lecturer to make an appointment.

Professor Wan-Ru Yang (6 weeks):
The College of Management, Room # 602. Tuesday 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm or by appointment.